Personalised Approach

We are fully licensed, independent Pawnbrokers that have been trading in Torbay for over  20 years. As an established family-run business, we pride ourselves in our speed,  efficiency and our high-levels of customer service. providing cash loans in exchange for items of value without the traditional complications involved in borrowing money.

Cash Loans
For short term loans you will find that we are very flexible . You can be assured of getting helpful advice.

Excellence and Professionalism 
On visiting our shop, our experienced team will appraise your item(s) and you will receive an instant decision on approval of your pledge. We also offer Gold, Silver and other items of jewellery for sale.
Documentation to bring with you 
Please remember that we do need to be able to identify you, so some proof of identification (such as your Driving Licence or Passport) will be required and also proof of your current address (e,g, a utility bill.